When you are too bored with your old car or just not doing it for you anymore and want to sell it, there is no need to search for “sell my car” anymore to look for tips to sell your car in Perth. What you need to do is follow us for the most valuable tips for selling your car and making good money in exchange.

Price Estimation

You are not the expert in selling old cars, and we would hate for you to get a price that doesn’t match your expectation. Before you sell your car in Perth for a low price, we suggest that you go online and make some price comparisons of car sales to estimate your car. You can refer to these prices and get some help in bargaining.

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Online Advertisements

Online advertisements are the tech-savvy method to sell your car these days, and it is effective as well. Various sites allow you to sell your car in Perth with appealing advertisement schemes.

Attractive Pictures

Your car might be as old as the pepperidge farm, but it is in your hands to make it look appealing. There are certain camera angles, lights and high-quality resolutions that would make your car more attractive than it is. The pictures should be taken in the morning, and the best position to take them is while squatting. You should also make sure there is not much going in the background, so the focus will be on your car only.

Elucidatory Description

A few details such as model name, manufactured year, mileage, engine, special features, etc., should be mentioned in the description so you can be crystal clear about the car. You can also mention the damages it has to avoid complications later on. The previous owners, accidents, etc., should all be mentioned there for a precise price offer.

Personal Details

With many scams running around, we would want you to be as safe as possible and thus recommend you check the places you are posting your ads on. Do a background check of the site and the reviews it has had before you proceed with it.

Price Negotiation

After you have posted to sell your car in Perth, you can start getting offers immediately, and there will be non-serious buyers trying to negotiate the prices on the phone itself. On the other hand, Serious buyers would want to take a close look and a test drive so they can see what they are getting themselves into.


When a potential buyer has come to your place to look at your car, make sure that you have cleaned it thoroughly beforehand. When it is cleaned properly, it will look better than before, and the buyer will be willing to make a deal right then and there.

Test Drive And Inspection

Here is the part when it gets serious. It would be best if you always took a witness while there is a test drive in case of any disputes later. It is essential to check the driver license of the potential buyer and take a photo of their ID card. There should also be a test driver agreement signed between the two contracts if there is an unfortunate accident. The seller should be in the car with the buyer, the distance and time should be agreed upon before the test drive.

Purchase Contract

The purchase contract between both parties should include the necessary details like chassis number, accessories, mileage, etc. Personal details of both parties must be written with the respective IDs. Vehicle, keys, papers, etc., all should be handed over only when the entire amount is paid.


You need to deregister your vehicle after handing it over to the buyer as if it is still in your name. There can be complications in the future. If there is any default or an accident, you will be liable for all the punishment as it is still under your name.

With all these tips, you can safely sell your car in Perth, and there is no need to be concerned anymore. Just follow the rules and regulations and be safe.

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