There is a time when disposal of your car becomes a necessity. You will find that there are many factors to consider before you decide on what you want your vehicle’s final destination to be. If you have recently totaled your car in an accident, you are obviously contemplating selling it to someone who can provide a fair price for it in return.

The Very First Thing That You Need to Understand Is That What Exactly A “Junk Car?” Is

There are two ways to define a junk vehicle. Make sure you understand well in which category your wrecked or irreparable car falls. This understanding will help you decide upon the right time to sell your unwanted car for cash.

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In The Event of Total Loss

If your car was involved in an accident, the only thing that you’re probably counting on is a call from your auto insurance company. The insurance company appraiser may declare your vehicle a “total loss” if it has suffered extensive damage which is also referred to as “totaled”. If this has happened with your vehicle, that is if it is totaled, it means the cost of repairing it will be more than the current value of it. In this scenario your car is junked and it is referred to as a salvage vehicle.

Do You Own an End-Of-Life Vehicle (ELV)

If your vehicle cannot be repaired or in any case cannot be safely driven on the road, then it is considered an ELV. In short, these cars are inoperable and may pose a threat to the driver/passengers or civilians on the road. Your car may be called an ELV if:

  • It has suffered large-scale damage from a road accident
  • It has zero value due to extreme damage or deterioration with time
  • It has been out of operation or stationary for a long period of time (abandoned cars and vehicles missing necessary parts are some examples)

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Sell It for Cash – The Ideal Choice

There are thousands of salvage and junk yards across the country. These all are big names in the business of purchasing junk cars. They make sure to provide a really convenient and hassle-free experience when you are trying to sell your unwanted car. Many of them even offer free online estimates. Also bear in mind that a highly reputable salvage company in your city will not charge any fee for towing away your junk car.

Why Sell Your Car to a Junkyard?

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Car salvage lots and junk yards don’t just buy unwanted and totaled cars but they efficiently recycle automobiles. A high percentage of steel used in the manufacturing of new cars comes from used cars and this makes them an even more preferred choice for your old vehicle. This ensures that you will get a fair price for your vehicle no matter what the condition of it might be.

Before your vehicle is sent for shredding it will be stripped and all its intact parts such as doors, and hoods, bumpers, and seats, windows, and its engine and transmission will be either reused or repurposed depending upon their condition and quality. Know that it may seem to you that your car is purposeless and very much unwanted but as soon as you get in touch with your nearest salvage lot, you will find willing takers for it. Getting a fair price for your vehicle just becomes a breeze.

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