Perth Car Owners, Sell Your Car Here – It’s Quick, Easy and Pays Top Dollar!


Yes, you can sell your car here! When the car is for sale, possibly it is in good working condition, or maybe it is severely damaged, and you want an easy way to get rid of the car for cash. Either way, there is a place that you can get the car sold. That place is at A1 Malaga Auto Dismantlers. We are car & truck buyers that buy all makes and conditions of cars and trucks. Selling Your Car...

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Simple Steps to Getting Cash for Your Car


Gone are the days when getting cash for cars was difficult for the car owners. Thanks to the cash for cars Perth companies, it is easy now for the car owners to sell their cars for good cash in Perth.The individual buyers decline the cars that are not in good condition and they have all the valid reasons for that. However, the car removal Perth companies don't decline the cars due to their condition, make or model. That's a huge...

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Cash Inquiry For Old Cars in Perth and it's suburbs


Cash Inquiry For Old Cars If you want to get rid of your old car through a quick sale and you are looking for best cars buyers in Perth this article is for you. You may tried advertising your junk car before, but it probably will take a long time to find a trustable person and also you need to go through a checking process. It all will waste your time. As you know there are many car wreckers out...

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What steps should you take to sell your old car for cash?


If you have seen or heard that selling your old car for cash is difficult, then you definitely didn't come across A1 Malaga Auto Dismantlers because our cash for cars process is friendly to the car seller. It's easy to sell your car to us and quick as well and we follow all the legalities because we are authorized car wreckers in Perth.Step 1To sell your old, accidental, junk, scrap car to us for cash for cars in Perth, you...

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Getting Rid of Old Cars in Perth


 Getting rid of old carsAfter years of experience and close cooperation with our customers in Perth, we fully understand how you feel when you get really tired of your old car. We exactly know how your car have served you for years and you have great memories together but a car gets old much faster than you might think and there always comes a day in which you realise you old car, your old friend, is counting the days to...

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When To Get Rid Of Your Old Car – Comprehensive Guide For 2022


If you have owned a car for a couple of years, you might have some good apprehension with its pros and cons. You might also have made plans on which car to get next and how to get rid of your current car. But if you are not aware of when to get rid of your current car, you are just as disconcerted as a hungry baby.It is an issue if you sell off your car too early, and it...

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Services Provided by A1 Malaga Auto Dismantlers


Services provided by A1 Malaga Auto DismantlersAt A1 Malaga Auto Dismantlers, we provide a wide range of services for our customers. A1 Malaga Auto Dismantlers provides 4 main services:Buying cars for cashSelling cars to customersSelling parts for your carProviding and changing second hand tyresBuying cars for cashOur business buys all types of vehicles. When we say “all types” we mean it. Your vehicle can be in any condition, whether it is new, old, damaged, written off, rusted, or even has...

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10 Tips To Help You Sell Your Car


When you are too bored with your old car or just not doing it for you anymore and want to sell it, there is no need to search for “sell my car” anymore to look for tips to sell your car in Perth. What you need to do is follow us for the most valuable tips for selling your car and making good money in exchange.Price EstimationYou are not the expert in selling old cars, and we would hate for...

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What Should I Do With My Old Car?


If you have an Unwanted Old Car, you generally have 2 options.The first is to have it disposed of at the rubbish tip, but this isn’t recommended: it is both costly due to towing fees and bad for the environment.Your second option is to try and Sell Your Car.For most traditional Car Buyers, you may have trouble trying to Sell Your Old Car for a fair price, if you can sell it at all. This is because most car buyers...

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How To Get the Best Deal for Your Scrap Car in Perth ?


When you have bought a new car, it is obviously because your old car isn’t working properly anymore, and you want to get rid of it. You might be too lazy to get the car decomposed, or you are looking for the best deal. It is also possible that you are unaware of how to get the best deal for your scrap car in the region of Perth. Several junk car removal companies would be willing to give you pretty...

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