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Today is not the time when all you could do with your junk car is have it towed away. There is no need to pay the towing service company a hefty amount. Rather there is no need to pay them at all because there are better ways of getting rid of your car.

Car removal is not new but it has certainly evolved over time. As a matter of fact, nowadays a junk car is not just scrap metal but a gold mine. There is a rising trend of using junk car removal companies. This makes sure that you get a great offer for your junk vehicles. Although before you pick a company for your old vehicle there are some interesting facts about these car removal services that you should know about.

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1. No Payment For Picking Up Junk Cars

One of the best and the most astounding things about today’s junk car removal companies is that they don’t ask you to pay for absolutely any expenses related to car removal. Yes, that’s right. A modern day junk automobile removal company will not charge you for their services. This is simply because the removal company would make more money by wrecking and recycling the vehicle and its various components. You being the car owner will get paid a fair amount for your junk depending on its market value.

2. Vehicle Title Not Mandatory?

Another interesting fact that you should know about junk car removal companies is that you as the car owner or reseller will not need to have the car’s title. Yes this is indeed true that having the title of the vehicle will make the process go faster but you can get the service in any case and many car removal companies would remove your junk cars even without the title.

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3. Removal Is Possible For All Kinds Of Vehicles

This is another great aspect of junk vehicle removal service providers in your city that it is available for all types of vehicles. Companies help in the removal of cars, SUVs, and also a variety of trucks and in some cases also boats, RVs, motorcycles and ATVs as well. However, it is still important for you as the car owner to enquire from your choice of junk car removal company whether or not they handle your particular kind of vehicle. Chances are that they do and you can get your junk vehicle out of your hair and your yard in a matter of minutes.

We at A1 Malaga Auto Dismantlers, offer you cash for cars, free car removal, and car wreckers services .

Here are some pros and cons of working with us:

  1. we offer highest cash amount all Perth wide
  2. all car removal services are free of charge
  3. your car type and model does not important to us
  4. we will come to your place, where ever you are
  5. we will cover all boring paper work and insurance

So, don’t hesitate to call us on 0434 056 373 or 0432 200 000 or check our contact us page to find out more.

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