In such a drastic period, with Covid 19 going around and the income sources facing a full stop, people need money, and even if you can get some of it, it will be beneficial. If you have an old car and you’re not sure what to do with it, why not sell it off to a car removal service? There are various potential car removal services out there, but you shouldn’t just hire anyone. There needs to be some analysis and investigations so you can get yourself the best deal. Keep in mind the following questions if you are looking for a car removal service.

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Professional Tow-truck Driver

This should be one of the first questions you ask. Professionalism is a must, and we would hate it for you to hire any hippy gang that pretends to be a car removal service. It is the responsibility of a tow truck to get your car from one place to another. It needs a professional driver with a license and insurance. An experienced driver would know how to handle the malfunctioning vehicle and reach the areas that are hard to access. If the driver doesn’t know the basics, they might destroy the car even more and pose the risks of accidents. Ask them if they have a professional tow truck driver.

Written Quotation

Everyone wants a way to get some extra bucks, which a few companies do to get the most out of you. When looking for a car removal service and asking around the quotes and prices, ask them for a written quotation and not just the balloon quotes. Some of them give you an approximate and later on add the miscellaneous prices to weaken your pockets. Ask if they will provide you with a written quotation.

End-to-end Service

While working out a deal, we always prefer there to be two parties and no outside interferences. There are car removal companies that may outsource the vehicle pickup activity to a transporter to add a third party into the picture. This leads to miscommunications; complications and you may need to incur additional expenses. Avoid this and ask if your car removal company will provide end-to-end service and be with you from start to end. In other words, they should handle the process right from the quotations to pickup to paperwork.

Same Day Pickup

No one likes to be waiting around, especially with a bulky old car in your arsenal waiting to be dumped away. Pickups can be complicated where you might be asked to wait in a long queue. There are car removal companies that give a waiting period of even 1 to 2 days, and in such times, that wait can be extended as well. In such a case, it is best to hire a company with same day pickup as you will be done in a couple of hours. Even if they do have a same-day pickup, ensure that there is no 3rd party involved, as we explained above. When a third party comes into the picture, it only leads to mishaps. It is crucial to ask them if they provide same-day pickup and there is no other person involved.

With these vital questions in mind, along with some of your own, you will get your best car removal service and can get rid of your old car in a couple of hours.

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