Ever since the pandemic arrived and the lockdown was initiated, it has changed everything. The world has turned upside down, and everyone is facing its consequences. You might have found yourselves perplexed in numerous circumstances where you couldn’t do something that you needed to. In such times, if you are in desperate need to sell off your car, we can bail you out with some pointers. With this, you will be able to get cash for a car in Perth easily.

Sell Your Car With Safety Precautions

With people not even coming out of their houses and maintaining social distance, if you have still gotten a potential buyer, then you’re in luck. They will surely want to have a test drive, but how will you do that with the utmost safety precautions? There are two methods for that: One is where the buyer drives, and you are in the back seat with both of you wearing masks and gloves along with a sanitiser ready with you. The other method is to have a relay car just behind the old car and be in constant contact while the buyer is taking a test drive. When the test has gone successful, follow the below pointers for the safe deal:
Sell My Car During Covid 19

Clean The Car

It is a common courtesy to clean your car nice and well before you go off selling it. But with Covid 19 around, you should go beyond the line and take extra measures. Washing with water is certainly a must, but we would also suggest you clean the entire car with anti-bacterial spray and give no chance of complaints to the buyer. You can disinfect the interiors of the car with spray before, during or after the test drive.

Keep A Hand-sanitiser Around.

Of course, there will be items that both parties will touch. Keys, doors, windows, cash, or cheque, all of these will contact both sides, and there should be a hand sanitiser with you to be on the safe side.

Not-So-common Gesture

Shaking hands is a gentleman’s deal. The saying is famous but quite not practical nowadays. It is a reflex to shake hands while greeting and when the deal is done, but you should avoid this at all costs during the deal to maintain social distance. They won’t find it rude. They would be rather thankful.

Safest Way To Get Cash For Car In Perth

The options mentioned above are exceptionally secure but are they the safest options? Hold on. We have got something a cut above for you. While you look for cash for a car in Perth, look for the companies offering you a good amount to get your old pal. These companies will come to your home and remove your car with minimum contact and maximum safety. Even before you realise what happened, they will have your car, and you will have the money. They have been trained and skilled to work in these times, and you will not be disappointed.
There are a few characteristics that are worth noticing:

  • Being professionals, their entire team will have gloves and masks on.
  • You can describe your car and its details, and if possible, they will give you the quote even through the call.
  • There is minimum interaction, and you will get money without any contact.
  • Maximum physical distancing to ensure safety for you and your family.

When you opt for these services, you can have people come to your door to take the vehicle and give you the money. All of these while taking safety into consideration. Contact a professional right now and watch your vehicle sell by the next day.

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