You’re confused and if you too like a little wordplay, I would say that you’re at crossroads. You’re scared that if you put on the ignition you might just find out that your old car needs another expensive repair. The question is should you put any more of your hard earned money into repairing and fixing your vehicle or are you better off without doing so? How much patience is too much? You’ve already shown a lot of warm heartedness towards this old car, it is now time to use some logic to get your answers. Let us consider a few things in order to find out whether you would be in profit fixing the car or simply better off scraping it and buying a new one instead.

Scrap my car

Compare Your Maintenance Costs With Monthly Car Payment

You need to know how much you paid last year just to keep your current car running smoothly. This will include all the usual and ordinary maintenance expenses, such as tune-ups and oil changes and those frequent, short, yet annoying trips to the auto shop. Also include all the current repairs on deck and always be sure to get a real cost estimate because otherwise you could be guessing either really low or really high. Now divide the total expenses by 12, and you’ll know what your current car repair expenses are and then you compare that with the monthly payment for your new car. This way you can easily find out which is more affordable, fixes or a new car.


If you’re thinking about junking your current car for a new one, don’t forget to check what the new insurance cost will be like because chances are it’ll be more. Rates for a brand new car are higher and so you need to consider your budget while doing it.


Find out about all the incentives or rebates being offered because they should be enough for you to justify you junking your current ride. For example some dealers offer free maintenance for an entire year or fixes or repairs at highly discounted rates for a long period of time after the purchase.

Replacing It With A Previously Owned Vehicle

If you’re thinking of replacing your old car with an already used or previously owned model, always remember that the car you are about to invest in is going to have its own set of problems. Those issues will raise their head sometime down the line and who is to say that they would be the lesser of two evils when compared to the troubles you’re facing now?

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