Scrapping Your 4WDs

Do you have an old or damaged 4WD rusting away in your parking lot?
You just keep looking at it day in and night out and simply don’t know what to do with it?
Do you doubt that it might just be turning into junk as the days are passing by?
Are you considering it for repairs?

Well, the last thought is definitely farfetched. It is simply out of the question. Look closely, your 4WD is too battered to be repaired again. Moreover, the cost involved in those repairs is going to be too high (even higher than the present value of the car).

Then, What Do You Do?

There are about a thousand of 4WDs that reach the end of their usable lives every month in Australia, and a large number of these are further sold off to the junkyards for recycling. Yes, scrapping your vehicle is one of the best ways to get rid of the clunker and get some quick buck during in return.

But, What All Would You Need To Do Before You Scrap Your 4WD?

Empty the Vehicle

If you have been using your 4WD every day to get to work and back, it will not be any wonder that it has some of your personal belongings in it. Well, these need to be removed much before you sell it to the wreckers. Maybe you have not seen a specific piece of your favorite jewelry for a while and have been wondering ever since – where is it? In case it turns out that it was right there down the back of your car seat, and then, you sell it to the wreckers, the possibility is that you might never see it again. Therefore, we suggest you take a deep look and ensure to check all the nooks and crannies before selling your vehicle.

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Iron out all the Paperwork

It is not completely unheard of for vehicles to be sold without any paperwork backing them up.

But do not count on it!

Usually, the dealers will knock you up, so it is a good idea to have your vehicle’s documentation handy. You will definitely be keeping yourself safe here. Also, having your documents in order when you are trying to sell it makes it easier to transfer the ownership.

Remove the Valuable Parts

You will never want to cheat yourself out of more money. But that is what you will be doing if you ignore to take out the costliest parts of your vehicle before selling it to the dealers. This ranges from the most obvious items like the car stereo, GPS system, decorative accessories and more. If you do not have the mechanical know how for it, it is probably best for you to ask the same of the auto wreckers. They will be able to do all of this for you.

Have the Insurance for Your 4WD Cancelled

Before you scrap your junk vehicle, please ensure that you cancel your vehicle’s insurance. If you have already paid the insurance in advance, then you could get a refund. Do bear in mind that scrapping your old 4WD car is a much better way to get rid of it on time and also get a fair value for it in an instant. To many the process can be a little daunting, but you can always call the car removal company to understand the whole procedure and secure great deals on your car, regardless of its condition, model, age, and size.

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