Do you know the difference between salvage and junk cars? Yes, there is a difference between them but we constantly use these terms interchangeably. When we use the terms “salvage” and “junk” we are usually referring to cars/vehicles which are in certain conditions, and mostly in a state that makes them inappropriate for use on road. For most of us who are looking for a cash for cars company, there hardly seems to be any difference between the two. However, there is actually a lot of difference between junk and salvage cars and it is absolutely vital that you know of them before you find yourself in a position where there is no way out other than to turn your old car into cash.

What Are Salvage Cars?

Following Are The Main Characteristics Of A Salvage Car:

  1. They are understood as simply being reusable or rebuildable
  2. This indicates that a car got damaged to a point where the insurance company was willing to take its ownership
  3. The car is declared a total loss after the insurance company pays all the claims to the owner
  4. In this case the cost of repairs to the vehicle is more than its actual value
  5. Most cars that are declared as salvage cars are the ones that have been in really severe accidents and end up with a high degree of damages that cannot be repaired

What Are Junk Cars?

Following Are The Main Characteristics Of A Junk Car:

  1. Your cash for cars company will define this kind of vehicle depending upon the make and model of a car and the year of manufacturing
  2. A junk car can be understood as a vehicle that has no value as an automobile or as parts
  3. The only value that it has is the scrap value of the metal or the value of the materials that make up the car. This includes the aluminium body, leather seats, the metal rims and tires, etc.
  4. Value of a junk car is primarily calculated on the basis of its weight
  5. They are typically sold as recyclable metal

How to get top dollars in return?

The best way to get rid of a junk or salvage car is to sell them to a reputed car removal company in the city. Don’t let them occupy any unnecessary space in your garage or backyard. This is the right time to enquire about the true value of your old and unwanted vehicle. Only the right car buyer will give you instant cash for your scrap car. Now, you can easily sell your vehicle, anywhere in Perth. Whether the number plate of your Toyota Nissan, Ford Holden or any other scrap vehicle is broken, you can acquire the car for cars perth with minimum effort and less hassle. Selling your car is no longer a strenuous task now with the availability of companies that offer you the best car removal perth wide.

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