Accidental 4WDs Vehicles

When selling your old and used car, there are a number of questions that you will hear from almost every potential customer like:

Was the vehicle well-maintained?
Does your 4WD have any unfixed safety recall issues?
Has your vehicle ever been in an accident?

Selling a 4WD with an accident history can be a bit challenging, depending on how you convey the information to the customer. Also, a damage history does not have to be a deal-breaker. So, just be transparent while providing information about the damage that occurred and how the vehicle was repaired- and you will be able to get a great deal for it.

Recognize a Totalled Car

The first action here is to clarify that your vehicle is totalled. Remember, totalled cars are those that will somehow cost you more to fix than the worth of the car itself. Also, used 4WDs and the care that have suffered significant damage in an accident are generally categorized as totalled. In such a situation your insurance company will be able to tell you whether your vehicle is totalled or not. Through a series of inspections your insurance company can give you an estimated cost to fix the damage. If the cost of repair exceeds the value of the vehicle, it is categorized as totalled.

Accidental 4WD Removal

Acquiring a Salvage Certification

Once your 4WD has been categorized as totalled you must contact your DMV who will provide you with a salvage certificate in lieu of your ownership. It is very important for you to keep the certificate, as it proves the vehicle’s legal status when in your possession. Irrespective of the extent of any repairs your vehicle went through- before the issuance of the salvage certificate, your vehicle will be considered as totalled legally. This voids the warranty and can also affect the insurance rates. Sometimes the insurance companies do offer to buy the 4WD and salvage it on your behalf. However, the simplest way to get rid of your totalled vehicle is by selling it to a reputable car removal company.

Selling your Totalled 4WD

If you have been into an accident which has resulted in your vehicle being totalled, the best option for you is to sell your 4WD to a reputable car removal company (you can also contact us for the same!). Selling a vehicle that has been in an accident without disclosing the accidental information puts you at certain legal risk from the buyer. So, if a person buys a car and discovers it later that the vehicle has been in an accident, you could end up with charges pressed against you. To avoid this, get your vehicle’s history report and try to keep a track of any damage it has sustained. Provide the buyer with this information and make sure they understand it.

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Decide If To Repair the Vehicle

Always, remember that selling a 4WD with unrepaired damage is quite difficult, but it is not impossible. Yes, it gets much easier to sell a car that is in tip-top shape but if you are planning to sell it without repairing the damage- please make sure to adjust your price accordingly. So, if your 4WD has been in an accident, the best option for you is to sell it to a reputable car removal company. Get a quote and have your vehicle sold now!

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