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There is always confusion in your mind when you are trying to sell your used car. It becomes a little easy if you’re planning to sell it just after few years you purchased it but as it gets older, it gets more difficult to find any buyers for it. However, there are a few things that you can do to increase the resale value of your car:

Increase The Resale Value

1. Keep The Mileage Low

You must already know by now that the mileage of your car is really the first thing that a potential buyer will see in it. Its value will depend on it up to a large extent. Your car might look as good as new but its price will be determined by the number of miles it has traveled. If you’re planning to sell the car after a few years, make sure not to bring it with you on all your road trips.

2. Never Deviate From The Maintenance Schedule

You can find the maintenance schedule of your car at the back of the owner’s manual. Your potential buyer would want to know that you looked after your car properly and that it has always been in a good mechanical condition. Whenever you encounter a problem or a cosmetic issue with your car, remember to make repairs immediately instead of putting them off.

3. Try Keeping A Logbook

You should save all the receipts of repair work and maintenance no matter how minor they might seem at the time. A well documented history of service proves that you have taken good care of your vehicle over the years. You will see that some savvy used-car buyers are always willing to pay a few extra bucks for proof of maintenance.

4. Always Park Your Car In A Sheltered Place

Make sure you protect your vehicle physically from the weather and other external factors that may lead to damage. This is extremely important in maintaining the value of your car as it would prevent it from ageing more quickly. Storing your ride in an enclosed space or a garage is the best option. Parking your car under a tree is big “NO” because birds’ droppings are just a start. You can get sap on your car which is difficult to remove and you have fear of falling branches as well.

Sell Your Cars

5. Keep Your Car Clean

It is always a great habit to keep your car clean. The cleaner it appears to be kept, the more chance it will have of fetching a higher value. Go for vacuuming and servicing every year at least once and do not refrain from any touch-ups that might be needed on the exterior to keep it in topnotch condition. Enforce a “no smoking” rule in your car and make sure it smells good at all times. These are just some tips on how to increase your car’s resale value.

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